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In the context of creating and managing digital solutions like website design and development are two common terms often used together. However, consumers and companies often get confused about these practices and lump them into one category. While in reality, web design and development both have differences in terms of purpose, skills, etc.

Indeed, both web design and web development companies involve different skill sets and configurations. For the appropriate website building process, brands need to understand how they contrast first.

Web Design Vs. Web Development

What Is Web Design?

Web design deals with a website’s visual elements, color combinations, navigational structure, and graphics. Therefore, you need to rely on developers with front-end knowledge and skills.

Statistically, 38% of users do not interact with websites that have unattractive layouts. This problem is solved by a web design company that develops high-end UX and UI for a website. Under UX design, developers deal with the usability of the visual elements. On the other hand, the UI design involves the aesthetics and visual representation of the web pages.

After designing the project wireframe, the designers showcase the prototype to the clients. Following an approval notice, they can continue with the design layout and integrate the required features for a better user experience.

Types Of Experts In A Web Design Company

The following are the specific types of experts in a web design company.

  • UI Designer

UI designers focus on developing illustrations, graphics, images, and typography for the user interface (UI). Typically, these specialists deal with informational elements (i.e., notifications, progress bars), navigational tabs (i.e., tags, search index, icons), and input controls (i.e., drop-drop menus, buttons, data fields).

  • UX Designer

UX design involves the components related to the User Experience (UX) of a website. This involves what the users would experience from the digital product/service when they use the features present on the interface.

An efficient UX designer would ensure that the action prompt meets the original response intention of the developer.

  • Visual Designer

These professionals from a web design company have the combined expertise and knowledge of standard Graphic and UI design. Typically, they conduct the final inspection of the product’s user interface to enhance the attractive visual elements.

What Is Web Development?

Web development involves the procedure of creating applications and websites specifically for the private networks (intranet) or the general internet. Typically, the process involves writing markups or coding that does not include web design specifically. There are multiple specializations in this process, including webserver management and configuration of network security.

The experts from web development companies strongly concentrate on website backend infrastructure. To some extent, the web development team has to deal with web design aspects to boost UX infrastructure. Yet, these specialists need to focus on specific skills for backend development more intensely.

Types Of Experts In A Web Development Company

The different types of web developers in a web development agency includes:

  • Backend developer

The backend of an application or a website essentially means its server-side framework. It interacts with the client-side to ensure that the features show accurate action on the front-end. Notably, the website development process aspects that are not visible to users fall under backend infrastructure.

Backend developers are in charge of handling the development, programming, and linking of the server-side and client-side features together. In general, they are responsible for multiple tasks such as creating libraries, operating system components easily, and writing APIs.

  • Front-end developers

These specialists deal with the front-end or client-side infrastructure of the application. In simpler words, this is the portion of the website that the users directly interact with while using the website/app. These include images, text colors and styles, tables and graphs, navigation menus, and colors.

Typically, the front-end developers handle the content, behavior, design, and structure of the websites, apps, and/or web applications as visible on the browser(s).

UX Designer Vs. UI Designer

  • Full-stack developers

Distinctly, full-stack developers are specialists with both backend and front-end development knowledge and capability. As a result, they can design full websites and web applications without additional support. Overall, these specialists handle different aspects of the web development process, like the backend, front-end, debugging, and database.

Differences Between Web Design & Development Company

There are multiple differences present when we talk about web design and web development agencies. For a total comparative overview, considering all perspectives is crucial.


The purpose of the two types of agencies differs based on their final goals. To note, both web design, as well as web development, are important phases in the entire website-building process.

Web Design:

Web designing company focuses on the artistic aspect of the website. They aim to ensure that the site looks and feels presentable, appealing, easily navigable, and user-friendly. Statistically, 80% of brand recognition increases simply through the color element.

Web Development:

The focus of the team in a web development company is to learn and utilize computer languages. They deal with how the users can function the website, with low latency, smooth navigations, and server response(s).

Necessary Skills

Both web designing and web development companies put emphasis on particular skill-sets.

Web Design:

Web designers focus on marketing trends and tactics as well as expanding their graphic design expertise. In addition, they study the available user demands and market trends to design a unique and modern web design.

Web Development:

Web developers require a high expertise level in diverse programming tools, languages, and skills. Some developers even start learning programming skills at a young age, for such specialists planning and implementing solutions to ensure the proper functionality of the website is a quite easy job.


The types of specialists and their overall qualifications differ for web development as well as web design companies.

Web Design:

The professionals in a web designing company are highly capable of creating aesthetic designs; creativity is a notable soft skill they must possess. These designers plan ideas and then implement them into visual designs keeping the interests of users in mind.

Particular design tools these experts utilize include Sketch, DreamWeaver, Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.

Web Development:

The web developers working in the company have technical skills and focus on creating user-friendly and dynamic websites. They consider the requirements as specified by the clients and focus carefully on creating scalable and stable websites.

They prioritize planning, developing, programming, and testing the sites/apps to ensure full-scale operative quality. Moreover, these professionals are trained in languages like PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and jQuery.


The experts in web development, as well as web design companies, have distinct responsibilities.

Web Design:

To specify, they focus on keeping the interface attractive but logical. Their roles include:

  • Handling both Logo and Graphic designing tasks.
  • Web designers utilize tools like Sketch and Adobe Photoshop to create the website wireframe or blueprint.
  • These professionals produce websites that have a richer UI design with easy-to-navigate features.
  • These designers should have a basic understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Therefore, they can create a website interface with high SERP ranking potential using accurate SEO strategies for getting good search visibility.
  • Web designers update the website layout after deployment and during development frequently as per market trends. In addition, they add new or unique features to meet the evolving consumer demands.
  • They evaluate the website to see if the elements are logically placed and well-balanced, e.g., the website’s right font and color format.

Web Development:

Web developers from an agency have to focus on multiple back-end-oriented responsibilities and some front-end tasks. Their roles include:

  • The front-end developer plans and delivers interfaces that can withstand high-level backend configurations.
  • The specialists with front-end expertise create an interface with high loading speed on various browsers.
  • Web developers learn and utilize tools like CSS, HTML, and JS coding languages to build robust website user interfaces.
  • The backend developers work on the website database structure and components.
  • Web developers must follow the given guideline and wireframes that the web designer creates originally.
  • The front-end and back-end developers coordinate and communicate their tasks carefully for a high-quality outcome.


The tools web designing and web development companies use are very different. However, both of them use HTML and CSS frameworks.

Roles of web developer and web designer

Web Design:

Typically, web designers have to work with design-oriented software like Fireworks, Flash, and Photoshop.

Web Development:

The types of tools web developers deal with include various coding tools like JavaScript, ASP, SQL, and XML frameworks.

What Businesses Mostly Hire? Web Designers Or Web Developers Or Both.

To note, there are particular professionals available in the current market with both web development and web design skills. They can apply for both career fields, and the demand for these professionals is fairly high.

However, brands employing web design and/or web development experts would get a better outcome from trained web designers and developers individually. Indeed, while professionals that focus on both fields can work on website design/development projects, they cannot give dedicated service.


Overall, different types of businesses, whether enterprise-level or small-scale businesses, can require the services of both web developers and designers. These professionals manage their respective tasks, coordinating the project steps with the other team. However, each of them handles specific responsibilities as explained in this article. Before hiring either option, you as a brand owner should carefully consider your project requirements, available resources, and budget.

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