5 Prominent Ecommerce Trends That Dictate Business Decisions

Failing to adapt to the changes in your market as an online business can lead to negative consequences. You should follow ecommerce trends. Competitiveness requires quick decisions, particularly among businesses still trying to establish themselves in their respective niches.

In ecommerce, some things are pretty stable, whereas others come and go just like that. It is up to you to identify which innovations and ecommerce trends are relevant and whether you need to implement them for your business.

The purpose of this article is to preview some of the most prominent ecommerce trends shaping the direction in which ecommerce is going.

Freedom To Choose

If your business allows for it, make sure you give shoppers the freedom to choose. It is not just about giving customers the illusion of control. Providing more options is a benefit on its own.

For instance, imagine someone stumbling upon your print-on-demand store and wishing to come up with a unique t-shirt design by themselves using the available options in the store, such as fonts, colors, and so on.

A limited feature collection is hardly what such a shopper wants. They would prefer complete freedom to pick what they want for their design.

Remember that plenty of other stores offer customers freedom, so do not miss out on this approach.

Voice Shopping

Thanks to the rise of Alexa and other digital assistants one can control via voice, voice shopping did not take too long to appear as a concept.

The idea is pretty simple. Instead of typing relevant keywords on your smartphone or computer’s keyboard, speak up into the device’s microphone and tell it what you want to purchase.

Voice shopping also gives opportunities to people with disabilities. As more and more stores become accessible via voice shopping, it becomes easier to order goods and services.

Of course, the problem with this specific technology is how much effort and resources it requires to optimize an online store so customers can do their shopping via voice commands.

The concept is still relatively new compared to ecommerce as a whole, but there is no denying that it will become more prominent as it becomes easier and cheaper to utilize the trend.

Quick Checkout Process

Not all, but some stores still overcomplicate things for their shoppers with mundane steps in the checkout process. There is no need to distract customers with unnecessary information fields they have to fill in to complete the purchase.

It might be worthwhile not to ask for a registered account to do the shopping. Otherwise, you will see a rise in abandoned shopping cart numbers. Doing your shopping as a guest is a viable option, especially for those who are in it only for a one-time deal. Give the consumers a quick way to complete the transaction and move on with their day.

Virtual Reality

The purpose of virtual reality in ecommerce is primarily to give shoppers the option to try certain goods and services in person. At least as far as virtual reality can offer that.

Despite the popularity of ecommerce, shopping for certain things online still, leaves some people questioning their choices. If they could, for example, look at furniture they are interested in with the help of VR instead of pictures or videos, they would find it easier to decide whether to spend the money.

Like voice shopping, implementing virtual reality in just about any online store is still years away. Even the most prominent corporations are struggling with specific implementations. Nevertheless, the projections for VR are optimistic, and we can expect to see more of it in the future.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is another example of a technology that gains more and more traction each year. Most notably, chatbots are replacing real people in customer support. An automatic response with the correct information that is available 24/7 is a superior option for businesses looking to invest in worthwhile innovations long-term.

Besides chatbots, artificial intelligence also benefits those who process vast amounts of data. Researching details to process information is a thankless and monotone job. On the other hand, if you leave that to AI, it becomes much more manageable. 

Considering how valuable AI is and what the expectations are, it would not be a stretch to say that it is another big trend that is bound to grow for years to come.


All in all, there are multiple notable trends as far as ecommerce trends go. Whether you are an already established business or still in its early stage, adapting to new and current innovations is a must. It can be tricky and demanding resource-wise, but if a long-term investment is a good decision for a business, taking that step is a given.

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