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We Promise.

We promise to give you excellent SEO service to expand your brand in the digital world. We will help you to make your brand known to a higher number of audiences through Search Engines. As your preferred SEO agency, we will evaluate your #WebsiteTraffic and align it with the right content and technology to deliver customized results. We will get organic traffic to your website that can gain you more leads and sales. Moreover, we will help you reach the right audience, stimulate traffic on the website, and generate more traffic through PPC.

Enhance ROI

We can make an effective seo strategy that will never fail to convert into revenue. Our expert SEO team through critical on-page and off-page analysis will increase ROI quickly.

You = Boss

We allow customized seo services for all kinds of marketing plans. We will listen, enhance, launch, and grow your online presence. We will deliver a stand-out #SearchEngineMarketing strategy linking your goals.


SEO requires a lot of research and analysis. Our SEO experts will be researching your businesses, your competitors, and your needs. Based on the complete analysis, we will design an SEO strategy for you by using the most advanced tools in the digital world.

Why Choose Us ?


We offer affordable yet effective SEO service. As a SEO agency, we do not just want to earn; our target is to grow. We design tailored packages to meet the demand for small and large businesses alike. Our SEO experts work efficiently to reduce costs and execute the best digital plan for your business.

Result Driven

SEO is most useful for generating leads when designed with the best strategies. Our main goal is to make the wisest SEO Strategy for you. With our agency, you can turn your #WebsiteTraffic into revenue. We focus on positioning your brand at the top to deliver expected results.

Highly Committed

Our experts have taken up the challenge of competing with marketing agencies all over India. We are highly motivated to lay the groundwork for a successful SEO plan. So, If we promise you results, then no matter what problems we get, we won’t compromise on our commitments.


In the continually changing world of search optimization, our SEO consultants are young minds filled with creativity, and it is what makes us different and better than others. We focus on divergent thinking to deliver the best ideas to solve problems. We are motivated to innovate and upgrade along with the whole digital market space.

How We Work?


Planning SEO and SEM strategy are significant to take unfair advantage of the growing opportunities from the digital market. Yet, even today, many companies do not have a SEO strategy. We assure you a plan that details the procedure for generating results with SEO for personalized goals and targets.


An SEO strategy should involve constant review and measurement because your success is our priority, so we don’t play blind. We analyze the plans, Develop a test strategy, Anticipate risks, and then optimize your brand digitally. We alter and optimize the strategy to incline potential leads towards your channels by targeting the right audience.


A SEO strategy should involve a review because your reputation management is our priority, so we don’t play blind. We analyze the plans, Develop a test strategy, Anticipate risks, and optimize (boost) your digital brand. We will alter and optimize your strategy, which is not inclined towards your target audience.


Until and unless we don’t feel entirely sure, we don’t execute our plans. We invest our time in Planning, Brand building, Testing, and optimizing the plans. Our marketing experts believe in sticking to the plans and turn the plan into action. Our SEO consultants will not only optimize your website but also drive revenue up.

Powerful. Unique. creative.

Our Specialty

  • Targeting the Right Audience: We build your business not only around you but also around your customers. We will ensure that your website is placed in front of the people most ready to purchase your product or service. Our SEO experts will better your ranking to provide expanded awareness for your product or service. We can get your organic traffic.
  • Stand-out Branding: In this digitally transforming world, it is crucial to have a customer advantage over your competitors. Proper SEO strategies can help you appear at the top of SERP (search engine results page) rankings.SEO can help you in making your customers love your brand! With our customized SEO plan and techniques, you can beat your competition.
  • Content Branding: The message of an advertiser should be spread so that it leads to a multi-fold growth rate. We thrive on creating viral content that leaves a powerful impact on your SEO. With our critical website, keyword, and competition analysis- we expand your reach to the maximum organic audience.

Be The Number. 1 in Your Niche


Why SEO?

SEO and SEM services can deliver more reach and growth. Using our marketing services, you can increase traffic, ranking, domain authority, and overall online presence. TheGratifiedBlog will make your website visible to your potential customers. After all, targeting the users that are most likely to convert on your website is the primary goal.

SEO strategy would make you visible to your most valuable audience. The right keywords and content will result in people finding you when they are researching for a topic. There is no surprise that it can be done very quickly. So, be the one who has a successful website optimization plan.

Appearing higher in Google searches (or on other search engines, like Bing or Yahoo!) can automatically deliver the desired recognition and leads. We make sure that our work results in developing long-term relations with you through our high-standard and value-for-money services. Your success will, in turn, help us achieve our goals. 

“90% of users do not go beyond the 1st page. Also, among the top ten results on the first page, the top 3 results get 75% of traffic. Remember, if you slip a few ranks, even on the first page, it would significantly reduce your website’s overall traffic.”

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