All SERP Features: Complete List {Latest}

SERP Features

Knowing SERP or Search Engine Result Page and its features always becomes essential when you want your business to reach new heights through SEO. Search Engine Result Page or SERP features are contents in a web page other than the main organic results or links. These contents may include Adwords, Paid Results, video carousels, graphs, images, etc.

SERP features make searching easier for users as they can display things like star ratings, local search, user reviews, and more. These features make the decision much easier for the user, whether to click on the link or not.

Hence, it’s essential to plan your content accordingly to rank to appear in these SERP features and get proper user responses.

Top 10 SERP Features That You Should Know

Adwords and Snippets above the organic results are the ones we are most familiar with. But, there is a lot more than that. Hence, here we have the most essential SERP features that one should know:

Paid Adwords

One of the most common SERP features is the Ads by Google. They appear on the very top or the very bottom, above and below the organic links. They shift down the organic links below and, yes, can affect the CTR. But one can quickly identify these ads, as these links are marked with a small Ad box.

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets appear just next to the Google ad at the top. These are usually highlighted parts of pages in a box and answer the user’s question directly. They show up the specific parts of pages related to the input keywords and answer the users’ search. Generally, the top-ranked pages related to the search compete to appear in the featured snippets.

There are mainly four types of featured snippets: Definition boxes, Tables, Ordered and Unordered lists. Sometimes it also appears as tools, like INR to American Dollar Converters, etc.

Rich Snippets

Links in Google Search results show up a title, the link address, and a short description. Rich Snippets show some extra information and help the user decide whether to click on that link or not.

For example, you might have noticed that some shopping websites even show information such as available stocks, current price, etc. These are called rich snippets.

FAQs or People Also Ask

You might have noticed a set of FAQs or ‘People also ask for’ questions while searching. They are mini questions that directly answer the search or any question related to it. Its main aim is to quickly answer the users’ current search or the one he might make next. When you click on the question, it’ll expand with the answer and load more related questions.

Photo Carousels

Photos Carousels show up the photos related to the search. However, it’s not the same every time. Google identifies the search and figures out whether a series of related images are essential for that search or not.

For example, if you search for Laptops, you’ll get images of laptops, but if you search for SEO, you would not get any pictures related to laptops. Hence, if you search for SEO, you may not always get the desired photos for that.


Like the Photo series, video carousels are videos related to the search and don’t show up for every search. They mainly appear in carousels, either horizontally or vertically, and include thumbnails of the videos, URL, and the title. Such video carousels mainly include YouTube videos that match the keywords of the search. When you click on the link, it redirects you to the video on YouTube.


Sitelinks are sub-links that come under a primary link that help the user to navigate through the main website. These sub-links always help to increase CTR as it allows the users to navigate to their desired pages quickly.

They show up through different algorithms, and the website owner cannot show up his desired site links. Yes, he can block the unnecessary ones, though.

Newsbox or Top Stories

News boxes or top stories generally show trending news on topics that are related to the search keyword. It typically appears in the upper half portion with the publisher’s name and thumbnail with the main part highlighted from the article.

Local Packs

Local packs show locations of places related to the search. For example, if one searches for ‘salons near me, ‘wine shops near me,’ etc., Google SERP shows the locations of the top 3 salons or wine shops nearest to the user. The results include ratings, contact details, directions on the google map, etc.

Clicking on the links will take you to a page with more details about the business, reviews of customers, phone numbers, etc.

Shopping Results

Shopping results show up products from different shopping sites if you search about the product. For example, if you search for Laptops, Google shows laptops from various shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. These often show reviews.

Final Words

So, here we have the top Search Engine Result Page features that you should know when you are trying to take your online business to new heights. Always remember that Google always keeps changing and upgrading the SERP features to provide a better experience to the users. Hence, keeping an eye on the latest features always becomes essential to optimize your content accordingly.

Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding the above points, we would love to answer them in the comment section below.

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