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In our last five years of work as an SEO Agency, there were many things that we have learned. One of the most important of them is, that in the coming times, the business that has good SEO stats will rule in their industry.

Every day billions of searches are made on Google, and billions of dollars are invested by the businesses to get their domain rank number one on relevant keywords. The competition is getting tougher every day for SEO Agencies to get their clients the result they want. However, the passion to get be the winners in this race has always been a motivator for us to overcome the huddle and provide our clients the success they want. Here are how we are doing this:

Our Client’s Success is Our Success

This is what we believe, other SEO agencies plan to follow a single plan for all their clients to get the traffic from search engines. We don’t do that, we analyze our client business, reverse engineer their marketing plans, research on their customer psychology, plan strategy accordingly, do tests, and then execute it.
There can be a keyword with 10,000 searches and still won’t give you business if you rank, while there can be a keyword with 100 searches, still be able to give you business. Sometimes the investment in the high volume keyword is not always the right thing to do but to analyze the capability of long-tail keywords having less search volume and try to rank on it can be a success. Many SEO agencies don’t even think about it, they just get their shoes laced up to run in the rat-race. But we are not one of them. We respect our client’s investment and try to make every penny of it worth investment.

Backlink Plans

How much can your domain achieve from getting a backlink from a domain that already has hundreds or thousands of outbound backlinks? This is one of the many things that businesses get looted from. They don’t understand technical and pay more than they should, to get backlinks that don’t have much value. We as one of the most creative SEO agency don’t do that.
We plan on backlinks from sites that can actually provide value to your domain. Taking external links counts also into consideration while judging value from a backlink from the domain helps us offer better to clients.
link building
SEO Agencies like us knows that how important it is to have our client success they expect. This is the reason why businesses who have worked with us always plan to work with us again in the future for SEO services.
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Learning How Search Engines Work

A month ago we worked for a client to help them in getting recognized as the best optical shop in India by Google. Guess what, we did it. Now, every month they are earning more than 1,000,000 rupees from our work.
SEO is itself a mystery, no SEO agency will tell you that they know how search-engine algorithm. However, do they even try to understand that by doing tests and experiments?
Search Engine Works
We have done many experiments on experimental domains to understand how the Google search engine algorithm works. There were many surprising and amazing things that we come to know. One of them was that Moz Domain Authority is not the most accurate metric. Sometimes backlink juice can be more be tasteful if things are done differently. The power of content was analyzed carefully. The fact that unique content can have a lot of effect on SEO was real!
We were amazed to see that a page with hundreds of backlinks from high authoritative websites has a lower ranking as compared to pages with a lesser number of backlinks that too from lower authoritative sites. The investments that we did in those experiments obviously haven’t given us any ROI. However, we now have more understanding about Google’s search algorithm than any other SEO agency.

Doing The Job At Upto 30% Lesser Cost

If you have a high budget then should we charge more from you? This is definitely a wrong deed, and we never even think about following it. We do marketing for our clients, not on our clients.
We are cost effective
SEO agencies like us do jobs at lower cost, keeping in mind that every penny invested should have a reasonable return. It doesn’t matter that investment is $1 or $10,000, the return should have values equal to or more than investment.

An SEO Agency That Help SEO Agencies Like Us

We have partnered with many SEO agencies that believe in client’s success just like we do. This is not about competing, this is about help that can help clients to get benefits from SEO. If you an SEO Agency, and looking forward to outsourcing an SEO agency that believes in client success, then you got us right!
Agency Partnership

Contact us to know about our team and how we can help you achieve your goals. Don’t worry your clients won’t even know about our existence, as we said client success matters most!

If I forgot to mention, then I am stating this now. As an esteemed digital agency, we only follow white hat SEO practices. Also, we can’t help any businesses in doing SEO with black hat techniques.

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