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Writing long pages of content would not be enough unless you are making it fully optimized. You may make multiple mistakes in the content that can lead to de-rank the article on the search engine.

To come over these issues and make the lines best for SEO, writers can get help from online SEO tools. These tools detect every single problem from the content that users can remove and enhance the quality of the article.

Top Content Writing Tools For SEO For Writers

There is a list of online SEO tools that can help the writers to make the content unique and informative for the audience.

From getting the right audience to keeping them engaged, all of these elements can be done with the help of online tools.

Here is the list of best content writing tools for SEO that a person can use to make the content fully optimized and get better rankings on the search engine.

Note: The tools are not discussed in a sequence because each of them has a different purpose.

1.     Article Rewriter

Article rewriter content writing tool

Sometimes it happens that the writers don’t get ideas about the topic. Often they add some irrelevant ideas to the topic because of less knowledge.

The best option for it is to use an article rewriter. By using this tool one can get unique content with the same ideas but along different lines.

This online tool contains a huge library of synonyms. So, users can get a new version of the content here without losing the actual intent of the topic.

2.     Idea Generator

Idea generator content writing tool FOR SEO

You may have a topic in your mind on which you are going to write the article. But there is no surety that readers will fall on your page with that particular title.

To get some idea about the hot topics on the search engine, you can go for an idea generator and get some topic titles on which you can write an article.

You just have to enter the keyword of the topic and it will provide you with a number of titles. You can use any of the titles on which you have much information.

3.     Word Counter

Word counter

Make sure that you are not writing too many lengthy articles without proper reason. You must have ideas about the topic that you can cover in short lines.

Instead of increasing the length of the article, you must focus on the quality of the content. And it can only be done when you keep the topic short and to the point.

For it, writers can use free word count tool to check the length of the article, number of words, characters, word density and other things in their text.

Word counter also tells the total number of lines and paragraphs in the content along with the keyword density.

4.     Plagiarism Detector

 Plagiarism Detector tool for content writing

Using copied content in the article will never get traffic on the page. Instead, you will have to face the consequences because of plagiarized content i.e. Google may de-rank your site on the search engine.

To make the content free of duplication and give it a unique look, users can get help from an online plagiarism checker. These tools match every single line of the article on the search engine and highlight the lines that are taken from other pages.

Users get the source of the sites from where the content is copied. So, they can remove those lines from the article and make it unique for the audience.

5.     Grammar Checker

To keep the readers engaged for a long time and make the flow of lines better, it is quite important to remove all the grammatical errors from the lines. Otherwise, it may lead to distracting the readers.

While writing the article in a flow there you would make such errors that are not noticeable by the human eye, but play a crucial role in SEO.

To overcome this issue and make the content grammatically perfect, it is quite important to use the grammar checker as it highlights every single mistake that is disturbing the fluency of the text.

It is the best technique that one can apply to make the article free of mistakes and keep the readers engaged.

6.     Text Summarizer

Text summarizer tool for SEO content writing

Readers are never interested in reading the lengthy paragraphs in the article. They just look for the central point of the content that can solve all their queries.

Therefore, it is quite important to generate a summary of the article and take out the juice of content that is fully informative for the audience.

For generating the perfect summary of the article without losing any main point, users can get help from an online text summarizer. 

This tool reads the content deeply and takes out all the important lines. Readers can get all the necessary information from these points instead of reading the content thoroughly.

7.     Online Notepad

Online notepad tool for write articles

Online notepad is another tool that users can go for to write articles. This tool can help you make the content optimized and easily readable.

Users can change the text formatting and use multiple font styles to make it more attractive. Moreover, one can also use headings and subheadings in the article.

All these elements are essential for SEO because they will make the lines easily readable for the audience and keep the content away from plagiarism.

8.     Keyword Explorer

Keyword explorer tool

To get more audience on the page, it is quite important to use the right keyword in the article. Otherwise, your page will be loaded with the wrong visitors and lead to an increase in the bounce rate.

Therefore, users must figure out the best keyword with the help of an online keyword explorer and use it in the article.

This online tool shows all those words that people mostly look for. So, writers can use those keywords in the article to make it optimized and get more traffic on the site.

9.     Content Optimizer

Content optimizer for content writing for SEO

A writer may remove all the issues from the content and make it perfect to read for everyone. But still, there are chances of some mistakes in the content that can distract the readers.

To enhance the quality of the content and make it optimized, you all need to use a content optimizer in the end. This will lead to taking out all those errors that are not important for the article. Users can remove those irrelevant lines and make the content more understanding.

10.  Infographics Tool

Infographics tool for content writing for SEO

Writing lengthy articles will not be enough unless you use some relevant images in the content. This element plays a crucial role in engaging the traffic on your site and makes the content easier to understand.

The infographics tool can be a handy option in generating images for the content that can directly lead to attracting more readers to the page.

Bottom Lines

Those writers who are looking to boost the traffic on their webpage can get help from online content writing tools for SEO and make the quality better.

Users can get ideas about the topic and make it free of errors for the readers with the help of these tools. This is the best tactic that one can use to keep the visitors engaged.

Moreover, users can also make the content free of duplication and make it more informative for the readers. So, one must go for these online tools to enhance the content.

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