SEO Reporting: How To Prepare SEO Report?

SEO Reporting

SEO has become a core marketing practice for businesses for growth. This has led to the foundation of many SEO agencies and organizations. An increase in the number of SEO organizations has created competition among each other. All SEO agencies in the industry try to provide the best services to their clients. Doing best work if one thing, however, reporting the same to the clients often ends up being challenging. Agencies try to make SEO reports look as simple as possible but still mostly end up failing in some ways in SEO reporting.

What Is SEO Reporting? How To Do It Right Way?

SEO reporting is creating a report of how SEO plans resulted in KPIs, achievements, and blockers mentioned in it. It is mostly useful for SEO agencies working around the globe to show their clients their work and what could be the plans going forward. SEO reporting is one of the most challenging and important things for SEO agencies as it shows the clients how much effort was put into SEO plans by the agency.

Agencies and freelancers both find it challenging because clients mostly don’t understand technical SEO language. This means if you show your clients a report which has all technical stuff that non-professional can’t understand then they would rather feel like the results were not good even if they were.

So, here I have created a checklist for you to understand how you should do SEO reporting and make an SEO report that any client having basic knowledge of website traffic and SEO can understand.

1. Create An Exciting Intro

Positivity makes everything better. It is a well-said quote and it applies in all of our lives. The same applies to SEO reporting. If you have an interesting intro that can excite your clients to read, then they would pay more attention to the whole report. Also, this can help in showing confidence and optimism in your word.

You can start like this;

This is a SEO report prepared by {your agency name}, the whole month has been a roller coaster ride. We had seen highly unpredictable hikes in website traffic and challenges we didn’t expect. But our team outpaced all of them and did their best to improve business for you! During the journey, we found some major points that need your attention asap.

Our team believes that, if we work on those issues, then we can get even better results next month!

So, heads up! We have many surprises for you!

Showing your achievements in a more confident and proud manner helps in making clients understand the value them. And when you confidently and attentively put all the issues in front of your client during SEO reporting, they get to know that you are working really hard to solve them. Dull and negative intros can destroy everything.

2. Table Of Content Is A Must

Using a table of content while creating an SEO report is a must. SEO reporting is mapless without a table of content for both you and the client.

But now the question arises what should be in the table of content?

A content table should have six major elements. It includes an introduction, what were the goals? progress, blockers, how to outpace them, next month goals, what are you expecting from the client? (except commercials). You can include commercials also for the next month, but that’s totally a choice.

Of course, you don’t need to name them the same. You can use fancy names but make sure that they don’t confuse the client or make the overall SEO report look unprofessional. So, if you don’t have any particular ideas then please go with simple terms like I am using below in the example.

SEO reporting is all about showing the right things whether it is good news or bad.

Here is an example of how your table of content should be.


What Were The Goals?

  • {First Goal}
  • {Second Goal}
  • {Third Goal}
  • {Fourth Goal}


  • {First Achievement}
  • {Second Achievement}
  • {Third Achievement}
  • {Fourth Achievement}


  • {First Blocker}
  • {Second Blocker}
  • {Third Blocker}
  • {Fourth Blocker}

How To Outpace Them?

  • {First Thing to do}
  • {Second Thing to do}
  • {Third Thing to do}
  • {Fourth Thing to do}

What Are The Next Month Goals?

  • {First Goal For Next Month}
  • {Second Goal For Next Month}
  • {Third Goal For Next Month 3}
  • {Fourth Goal For Next Month 4}

Commercial (If needed)

What Are You Expecting From The Client? (Except commercials)

3. What To Add in “What Were The Goals?”

SEO reporting is like building trust and capability for any SEO agency. And a correct “what was the goal section?” is a trust maker in it. When you make your clients clear about what were the goals, then they see the rest of the SEO report as per the goals.

How do you add them?

Simple! Just copy the “What Are The Next Month Goals?” section from the last month’s report. They have seen it, and you have clear in the writing of what you are onto from the start of the month. Also, it will show the clients that you remain totally focused on the goals.

The example of the same can be;

  1. As per the goal we planned to generate 20 do-follow backlinks through guest posting and niche edit.

    – As planned, we successfully built 19 backlinks, out of which 12 were through guest posting and the rest were through niche edits.

  2. We projected an increase of 15% in traffic from the USA with the implementation of these strategies.

    – We got a 22% increase in traffic from the USA.

Adding graphics and graphs can be a great way to demonstrate this.

4. “Progress” “Blocker” “How To Outpace Them?” Sections

SEO reporting gets complicated here. But if you do it one-by-one it can be a lot easier for you.


In the progress section, you have to mention what you achieved this month. You just have to think about any other section. Just point out every single progress of this month.

Once you are done with it, check if you can add any graphs or images with it. And if you can, then go ahead with it. The best way to show your progress is through proof.


The comes blockers section, this is a two-way process. First, go back to what were the goals, check out things that your team wasn’t able to achieve. List each and every one of them.

Then just go through all the things that your team did the whole period. And try to analyze what were the things taking more effort and less results, and add why is it happening, this way.

5. How To Outpace Them?

The most important goal of SEO reporting is to get here. Here you need to mention all the ideas that you have and you are planning to implement next month. A well planned agile marketing approach helps achieve the best results, so make sure you mention only what you can do.


If you are following the right approach then this is for sure that your SEO reporting will go right. Also, the best way to do SEO reporting is by doing it for the whole month. You can keep things noted the whole month as per your SEO report format. So at the end of the month, you would already have the rough version of your SEO report with you!

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