No company succeeds without sowing the seeds of growth. Technology plays the most important role in how those companies become successful and gain connections around the world. As an entrepreneur, you don’t have to climb up mountains to grow your business online. Instead, you’ll need some online business sales tools.

Online business sales tools are the powerhouse of great online businesses.

Below, we have listed some of the highest-ranking sales tools, work with your team and improve your business. So let’s start discovering — shall we?

1. Airfocus



We have all heard the phrase “time is of the essence”. This applies in many fields of life, especially in marketing.

Doing multiple small tasks at once is not always a viable solution to getting things done, but that’s where Airfocus comes in.

Airfocus is a prioritization tool that enables team members to coordinate and generate a road map that maximizes time utilization.

Using Airfocus will help you and your team to delegate tasks and use the time that business mostly loses to procrastination.




The real motive of businesses is to connect with customers and provide them with the perfect service and product at the right time.

With service playing such a large role in how customers interact with a business, there is understandably a reliance on customer care.

Customer care teams are often the first to connect with new customers, and therefore need to be well-equipped to answer the questions that prospects and customers have.

Acquire is a multichannel platform that lets your team manage a large number of customer requests or queries easily.

It also lets your team have the necessary conversations with your customers, which ultimately enhances the customer experience.

This tool also comes with a conversational sales chatbot, saving you time and helps your customer feel that you are always there to help.

3. ZipBooks



We all make mistakes, especially when maintaining financial records, but a small mistake in your books can have a large impact on your business.

Small businesses don’t always have the finances to pay for a bookkeeper resulting in difficulty to accurately maintain financial accounts. However, for the same, this is one of the most useful tools. Improvement in financial management helps analyze where to invest what. Hence increase in business growth via the increase in sales.

And that is what this is one of the sales tools.

Zipbooks is a free tool, which helps you to ensure the accuracy of your books down to the cent.

With Zipbooks, your can now record important checks and receipts error-free.

This automated software automatically lets you maintain all recurring balances accurately.

Furthermore, its AI features also provide insights into your performances and help you to interact with your valued customers.

4. Canva



Graphic design is a crucial part of any modern online business.

Research claims that well-designed business websites rank higher and are more trustworthy than ones that don’t have a great design element — why miss out on something that is so simple to add?

Well, many start-up businesses face the problem of not being able to invest in a professional graphic designer. Which makes Canva all the more alluring.

Canva is a drag-and-drop tool that is easy to use and comes readily equipped with a large number of ready-to-use templates.

This graphic design tool has become known for being a tool that even people without design experience can use with ease.

What’s even better is that it’s free to use!

Start using Canva to add a professional flair to your website. Who knows, you might even start loving the art!

5. Zoom



The 2020 Pandemic has taught us many lessons, one of which is working from home.

Because of this, the trend of getting connected from different parts of the world via digital meetings is rising.

Getting in touch with family, friends, and co-workers through tools like Zoom, is mandatory.

Zoom is a free video-conferencing tool that takes care of those important meetings that you were about to cancel to accommodate working remotely.

Using a tool like Zoom allows for ease of interaction with people from anywhere in the world while making it fun to interact!

6. Teamwork



Everyone faces a hiccup in their business management. Becoming accustomed to using new tools can be daunting — especially if those tools have many features.

This is where Teamwork comes in.

Teamwork is an online work-management tool that provides everything you will need to start and run your online business.

In its initial day, It was mostly a project-management tool but has now been developed to be the complete package tool for managing and running your business with ease.

With large companies like Disney and Netflix using the software, why shouldn’t you also start?

7. ProofHub



If you run a business, you probably know that managing projects can be a task in and of itself. In situations like this where you need help managing projects, Proofhub can be the tool you were looking for all along!

Proofhub is an online tool that allows teams and businesses to organize information to complete projects and meet company deadlines.

Many freelancers, universities, NPOs, and large companies use and recommend Proofhub as a way to manage projects.

Proofhub makes everything related to project management easier.

8. Buzzsumo



The content you provide your customers is one of the most valuable business designs that can increase conversation and conversion.

Good content will drive traffic to your website because it works in favour of SEO (read more about content SEO here). To do this, you’re going to need to post the right type of content.

Fortunately, Buzzsumo is here to your content rescue!

Buzzsumo keeps you up to date with what’s happening in the content world by providing you information about what you want and by giving you ideas and suggestions about what to write.

This tool also offers analytics to help you find that content-sweet spot and see how well your content is doing among your site visitors.

9. Google Workspace (G-Suite)


Google Workspace

Google is currently one of the leading technology companies and with good reason.

They offer a plethora of great services!

If you’re a fan of Google, or even just an average user, chances are that you most probably know what G-Suite is.

The G-Suite is a package of services provided by Google and is one of the sales tools. It helps makes business workflow swifter and help them connect with their teammates easier.

G-Suite or Google Workspace is great if you are looking to improve your business communication, project management, virtual storage, and cloud computing.

Google Workspace simply takes the common email service to a new level and lets your business make an identity on the internet.

Loyal customers suggest using G-suite for its flexibility in documentation and presentation of projects with ease.

10. Ahrefs



Competition is everywhere, especially when you are growing your business online.

And nowadays, the topic of competition has become more serious as people can easily check out the activities through different search engines and decide which horse to bet on.

But this topic will become much easier for you to tackle if you know what your competitors are doing.

Ahrefs is a powerful tool that lets you monitor your competitors’ SEO activities and plan your SEO strategies.

11. Slack



“A dream dreamt alone is a dream, and a dream dreamt together is a reality.” Any goal is easy to achieve if the members work together efficiently.

One of the tools for more sale via a better team collaboration that makes dreams a reality is Slack.

Slack is an online collaborative software tool that offers multi-channelled interfaces to bring your team together and encourage them to help make dreams a reality.

Some features include offering connections with your team through video conferencing, audio calls, group meetings, file sharing, and more!



Whether you are the owner of a business or a freelancer, growing a business online is the best way to stand out from the crowd.

Tools for sale like these mentioned above make running your business much simpler — imagine you had to automate everything yourself (yikes!).

So get these tools installed and start working on growing your business!

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