Sales Funnel Templates

Many businesses want to invest in a lead generation marketing strategy, but they don’t know how to get started. The biggest mistake that most companies make is to create a role for the marketing team that is not clearly defined. On that note, a sales funnel template can make all the difference in how you market your products. It is one of the essential parts of any business. You might not have heard of the sales funnel, but you have seen it.

It’s what turns a lead into a customer or a one-time sale into a repeat client. The sales funnel is precisely what it sounds like – a funnel. It’s a series of steps that someone takes to get from point A to point B.

What Is A Sales Funnel Template?

Customers indeed go through deep research before purchasing even a small bit of anything. They undergo a journey before they decide from where they are going to make their purchase. And a sales funnel template exactly lets you understand the virtual map of that purchase journey.

A sales funnel template is a blueprint for your business to follow when the customers continue their purchase journey. It helps you see your business from the customer’s perspective. So that you understand what they need in their next step and make the necessary optimizations.

As we have already got an idea about the sales funnel template, let’s discuss how we can create an effective sales funnel template.

How To Create An Effective Sales Funnel Template?

Sales funnel templates are vital components of the sales process. If the funnels are built right, they are influential in generating leads and converting them into customers. If the sales funnel is built wrong, it will be a huge flop. Here are the most important points one should keep in mind while creating a good sales funnel template:

Target Your Audience

Everyone thinks more traffic means more leads, however, it’s not that simple. You might have millions of visitors daily, but not even a single conversion. That’s what is called bad traffic. It’s the unnecessary traffic that doesn’t care much about your business or products.

You never need them as they won’t help you to multiply your sales. For example, if you sell computer peripherals on your website, someone belonging to the sports niche can’t help you get leads. Instead, you should focus on your targeted audience. Your target audience is the people who belong to your niche and need the kind of products you provide.

Before driving these kinds of visitors to your website, you’ll need to find out the platforms they are frequently active on. It can be social media groups, pages, digital communities, etc. You can also post content with proper SEO and target the keywords they use on their search engines to get search visibility of your brand.

When you find them, give them a reason and encourage them to check out your business. You can even offer free catalogues or offers to encourage them. Once they start visiting your website, your sales funnel will activate automatically.

Attract The Attention Of Your Targeted Audience

Once you know your targeted audience, it’s time to capture their attention. Grabbing attention totally depends on what you are showcasing in front of them.

Figure out how your content, posts, or articles can provide value to them. It’s important to keep your content more informative and helpful for the consumers instead of being more on the marketing side. As soon as your customers start feeling that you are providing them with the value, they’ll even start referring your name to their family and friends.

You can even run advertisements, promote your brand through different platforms, post interesting stuff on social media to stay visible and interact with your target audience.

Build A Perfect Landing Page

A Landing Page is significant in case you want your visitors to become customers. Here’s where most people make mistakes and break their sales funnel. They send them to a different page not related to the actual goal.

The landing page only covers the specific topic that has encouraged the visitor to click on the link from your ads or emails. It might be a special offer, discount, giveaways, etc., unlike the homepage or service page that covers many things together. Hence, your landing page should only have one target: to encourage the visitor to accept the offer.

The challenge doesn’t end here. Your landing page should be encouraging enough visitors to accept the offer. You’ll need to have bold and straightforward CTAs, a strong headline, and a point description of the product or offer. Once you have all these points done, your landing page is ready to go.

Build An Email Drip Campaign

Once you have your subscribers’ emails, you can now start interacting with them through email marketing. But before you start sending marketing stuff to your consumers, you’ll need them to know what your business is all about. You can send them some interesting personalized emails with some content about your industry, your products, or even content related to your niche to keep your customers stay engaged with your business.

Once you have your customers engaged with your business, you can now show them what value you can provide. You can send emails related to special offers or discounts, new arrivals, and more. Remember, your customers may be annoyed by receiving repetitive marketing emails. Hence, try to keep them regular but not frequent. 4 – 5 promotional emails a month would be enough.

Take Care Of Your Customers

Once you have your leads, it’s time to make them your permanent consumers. You should always stay connected with them as they can be your silent promoters.

Keep interacting with them on social media; you can send them important information about the product they bought recently, special offers on their birthdays or occasions, and more. Make them feel special and give them the reason to stay with you permanently.

Final Words

Creating an effective sales funnel template is never very easy or quick. But it’s the only way to stand out of the crowd in today’s competitive world. It will be a complete gamble on your consumers if you don’t have an effective sales funnel template.

Hence, take time, build an effective sales funnel using the above points to get potential leads and provide them with the value they want.

Furthermore, if you have any doubts regarding the above points, feel free to reach out in the comment section below!

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