Inbound Marketing

Every business needs to take on some marketing tactics for reaching new heights. But most of the marketing tactics are very expensive. So, small companies and startups often fail to take them on. And here’s where the Inbound marketing approach comes into play.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing includes creating your brand awareness by valuing the customers’ needs, even if they are not ready to make any purchase from your company. This helps in building good brand awareness and ultimately profits. Unlike outbound marketing strategies, you don’t go out in search of new consumers. Instead, you make yourself visible to a crowd to attract genuine potential customers out of them.

Inbound marketing organically attracts consumers and helps in building good relationships with them. Unlike the traditional marketing tactics, it doesn’t rely on cold calls, email lists, or messaging techniques. Rather publication of contents, organic search traffic, opt-in emails, etc., are used to make your business visible.

Why Inbound Marketing?

Increase Brand Awareness: Most of the purchases start with online research. In such instances, if your company’s name appears in the top section of the search results, it will help you create a good brand impression. All you need is content marketing, social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization, etc. Also, there can be other platforms also to attract prospects up.

Improve Brand Preferences: Creating a good relationship even if your customers are not ready for purchases never goes in vain. Interacting with your customers and letting them know about your brand will always strike your company’s name in their minds when they are ready for any purchases.

Lower Expenses: Mass Marketing over content marketing always comes out much expensive, along with high risks. It’s like driving on narrow roads around a mountain. On the other hand, investing in Inbound marketing always comes out with much higher chances of lead generation and organic reach, with low cost and low risk.

Inbound Marketing Strategies

Like all the other marketing tactics, there are a lot of techniques to take on Inbound Marketing. But moving forward with a planned strategy always becomes helpful.

Before creating a strategy to execute, you should know your customer’s requirements to help them with your blogs, content, and stuff.

The three major points of Inbound Marketing are as follows:

  1. Attracting Traffic
  2. Engaging with your Leads to customers
  3. Delighting your customers

Attracting Traffic

Quality content marketing plays a crucial role in attracting and driving traffic to your company. Contents may be based on solving some issues of the customers or something they want to know. You can also promote your products by creating articles on how to use your products, or help the customer solve their issues. In addition to that, you can also post informative social media posts on social media platforms and connect with your customers on their social media handles.

Inbound marketing search screenshot

You can optimize all of your content and posts with SEO. Target the specific keywords and phrases that describe your product or services and the requirements of the customers. So that your content and articles can rank top in the search results of people looking for the information. This will ultimately help you in generating more organic reach.

Engaging With Leads

Engaging with your leads means how your company is interacting with the customers. Having a good engagement with leads may lead them to long-term loyal customers. While engaging, always try to let them understand what values and help your product or service can provide. Engage with them in such a way that you would expect from a business as a customer.

Engaging with leads also includes how your company handles the inbound sales calls, calls to customer care, and supports staff. As a result, customers feel much more secure buying products with good customer service.

Focus on selling value rather than only selling a product so that you and your leads remain equally profitable and ultimately create a good relationship with them.

Delighting Your Customers

Delighting your customers is the final stage of the sales funnel, where you solve the customers’ problems and exceed their expectations. The main focus at this stage remains to fulfill your loyal customers’ needs with tremendous value so that they can recommend your business’s name to their family and friends. This stage is highly crucial. If you manage to win this stage, you can turn your customers into promoters as you have already provided them with value and exceeded their expectations.

Customers want no extra facilities. They want the small and important things done perfectly. Be it the packaging or some quick guides regarding the product, post-purchase interactions – these simple things matter a lot. In the case of packaging, make sure it is perfect, and the product is safe. Then only can you try to add some creativity to make the unboxing exciting and with some fun and care.

Post-purchase communications come up as game-changers that help strike your name in the customers’ minds when planning some future purchases. You can ask for feedback about the product or service, post-purchase surveys; you can notify them of new arrivals or special discounts through personalized emails, message pop-ups, etc.

Also, you can make your customers with special offers, birthday wishes, gifts, and make them feel special. You can do this through Inbound email marketing campaigns.


The main focus of any startup is to grow as fast as possible, and for which they need to take on the inbound marketing strategies as it comes out with the best results. You’ll need to know the problems and requirements of the customers, post SEO optimized content with solutions to their issues, and attract them like a magnet. Inbound Marketing always focuses on providing substantial value to your customers and includes a lot more than just selling your product or service. This will help them understand that they are special to you and you care for them.

Once you have your audience, show them the value you can provide to them and convert your visitors to potential leads. Furthermore, if you have any issues regarding the above points, please let us know in the comment section!

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