How To Track The Productivity Of A Marketing Consultant

Productivity Of A Marketing Consultant? Let’s rollover. Marketing is an integral part of any business. It is a pivotal function in a business’s visibility and sales. Marketing consultants and professionals are specialists who know the methods and strategies to get your brand noticed. They also experience distractions and hindrances in their productivity.

A study by the University of California in Irvine highlighted that an average employee experiences distractions every three minutes! Perhaps that is the reason behind the existence of many productivity tracking and management tools on the market today.


It is essential to track the productivity of your marketing consultant to ensure that their efforts align well with your business’s goals. Measuring their outputs concerning the desired results helps your business stay on track while optimizing resource use.

Fortunately, modern technology has bestowed AI-driven software and tools on businesses today to help them streamline various aspects of their operations. In this case, software like Time Doctor helps companies measure and keep track of their marketing professionals‘ productivity and efficacy.

Especially after the recent pandemic, with the birth of remote work and the work-from-anywhere concept, it has become even more critical to keep a tab on the productivity levels of marketing professionals who punch in remotely. Companies today leverage remote employee software to better manage their scattered human resources.

Let’s understand the five simple ways you can track a marketing consultant’s productivity and how you can improve it.

5 Methods To Track A Marketing Consultant’s Productivity

Tracking the productivity of your marketing agency has become simpler today with the invention of software and tools that automate most of the process. Functions and features that let you track their time-based metrics, progress on target KPIs and satisfaction levels from work help you understand your internal marketing dynamics on a holistic level.


Set Goals And Metrics

The first step in tracking productivity is to know two things:

  • What is your team working for
  • How to measure the progress in quantifiable terms

In simpler words, you need to know the goals of your marketing campaigns and the corresponding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can highlight the progress.


Goals give direction to the efforts of your marketing consultants. Your business needs to be clear about both short-term and long-term goals. While the short-term goals help sustain your business for the quarter, your long-term goals build up on the short-term ones and create a concrete growth path for your business.

All your marketing efforts need to encompass the objectives you list in your goal memos. Your short-term goals can act as milestones for reaching your long-term objectives.


KPIs help you visualize your progress in numbers, helping you put things into perspective quickly. For example, if your short-term goal was to increase the number of social media followers by 10% in 2 months, you should set your KPI as the increase in the number of followers since campaign implementation.

In the long run, this KPI should be able to reflect the number of new followers you were able to gain year-on-year using marketing strategies.

In the end, the collective efforts of your marketing team determine how productive each member has been towards achieving goals and enhancing the KPIs.

Overall Team Evaluation

When working in a team, the performance of individuals impacts the performance of the entire team. Therefore, the productivity of a marketing team as a whole rests on the shoulders of each member. How, then, can you track their work efficiency?

Quality Of The Output

The best rule of thumb to measure a team’s productivity is the quality of the output, and the time it took to finish it. If your marketing campaign is running according to the stipulated timeline and is generating expected results (or even better), then your marketing team’s productivity is on track.

However, this, too, depends on the nature of work and the efforts required to create a quality product. Setting practical timelines is just as necessary, considering the marketing task’s complexity.

Leveraging Software

To ensure that all team members are engaged equally in a project, it is essential to monitor what they are doing with their time. This is where time-tracking software plays, helping you see how many members of your marketing team were engaged on a project together and for how long.

Time Doctor is an excellent time tracker, allowing you to supervise your marketing team according to their tasks and the marketing projects they are currently working on. 

Task-To-Time Ratios

The task-to-time ratio is a good measure of quantifying the productivity of individual team members concerning the tasks assigned to them. Special software helps you track each employee’s time on specific project tasks, which reflects how quickly they could complete them. It also helps you see how many tasks a consultant performed while working on your marketing project.

Extending these metrics further, you can collate this data with the results from the marketing campaign, assessing the quality of the campaign delivered with the time it took to create it.

An extension of this exercise would be to look at the historical performance of similar campaigns at the company to understand whether your team is doing any better than previously established benchmarks.

Revenue Per Employee

Ideally, the best measure of the productivity of your marketing consultants is the revenue brought in by each employee. Comparing two employees’ revenue or returns based on the same metrics isn’t possible. One employee could work remotely for 4 hours and be more productive than a consultant working on premises for 8 hours.

However, it is preferable to achieve higher revenue per employee, regardless of the work flexibilities they enjoy. This is a good measure of your company’s productivity levels.

One tip is to remove the rigidity of assessing the results that each employee generates. Establishing different standards for different departments helps create a fairer, apple-to-apple comparison of each employee’s revenues.

Target Vs. Progress Of Marketing Consultants

In the end, productivity is about working in a decided direction with efforts that pile together to achieve a goal. Scattered productivity will not help your organization progress.

Your business divides each goal into a set of milestones that your marketers are required to achieve. For example, a marketing agent must pitch to 50 new prospects daily and perform all the follow-ups scheduled previously.

Your CRM software can help you keep track of the target metrics and consultant progress. Additionally, your time-tracking software may also have this feature.

While it is understandable that your marketing consultants can’t meet 100% of the milestones laid out for them every time, productivity can be considered on point as long as they achieve most of them.

You can consider introducing engagement initiatives that help employees refresh their minds while at work to keep productivity elevated for as long as possible.

Wrapping Up

Productivity can be tricky to track because it is an individual quality. Not every marketing consultant can be productive in the same set of conditions. However, you can facilitate favorable conditions and enable productivity tracking through remote work software to understand how functional a marketing consultant is.

Time and productivity management software are essential gifts of technology that let you maximize the productivity of your marketing consultants and capitalize on their talent with minimal investment. Especially if you are dealing with a scattered workforce, leveraging the team collaboration functionality of such software enables you to create a digital workspace that encourages productivity. Additionally, you can set up reminders and checks to let your employees keep track of themselves whenever there are distractions.

We hope your query “Productivity Of A Marketing Consultant” has been answered with this article. You can easily keep your teams engaged and highly efficient using time and productivity tracking software. Thanks for reading.

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