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It needs a lot of effort to grow a business. First of all, you’ll need a decent idea, a solid product or service that will provide value to your consumers, and, most importantly, some top-notch marketing tactics to take your business to the next level.

What Are Marketing Tactics?

Marketing tactics are strategic methods or actions whose main agenda is to promote a business and take it to the next level. Marketing tactics include:

  • Targeting the correct audience.
  • Letting them know your value.
  • Generating maximum leads with minimum efforts.

Now, taking on the right marketing tactics and executing them may sound a bit tricky. But, there are tons of articles on social media platforms, google-ads, Search Engine Optimisation, blogging websites, which make things easy to take them on.

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But wait! Everyone is utilizing these marketing tactics. So what will make your business unique and help it stand apart? So here we have four uncommon marketing tactics you wouldn’t have heard before but can create a significant impact. Below are the top five marketing tactics you never have heard before:

Use Of Emojis

Although emojis in marketing messages are very underrated, they can grab a tremendous amount of attention. Emojis are used to quickly define one’s feelings in the present digital era, rather than typing long texts. These can easily be used to interact on a more relatable note, especially with the younger generation.

Most people think emojis are only used by teenage students and are not professional to use, which is not valid. Famous brands like Mcdonald’s and Domino’s had already used emojis for their ads and promotions.

Yes, emoji marketing can be very impactful with the younger generation. But the older generation might not like the use of emojis everywhere. So make sure to use emojis at the right place, before the right audience.

Meme Marketing

Memes are ruling the digital platforms today. Starting from professional social media pages to newspapers and magazines, everyone uses memes to make their content more relatable and exciting. There’s no doubt; memes are going to be an essential priority after food and clothes.

The best part about meme marketing is that people will never skip a meme to an advertisement banner or a 30-second promotional clip.

Like the emoji marketing tactic, meme marketing can also significantly impact any business as it relates to the younger generation. Big industries like Netflix, Amazon, Tesla, etc., are already using the meme marketing strategy and creating a great impact on social media platforms.

Recently even Amazon held a meme contest on Twitter. It was based on the sequel of The Family Man, streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Many people participated and posted memes during this contest, which ultimately helped promote the web series and Amazon Prime Video. Hence, meme Marketing can be a game-changer. If it is used ideally, it can take your business to the next level.

Omni-channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing means promoting your business through multiple channels or platforms, from social media, websites, email marketing, and mobile apps to offline stores. At the same time, omnichannel marketing refers to the complete integration of those channels and platforms, which ultimately promise the consumers a smooth overall experience. Omnichannel marketing helps take the view from the customer’s end and understands how they can get a better experience on each platform.

Amazon is a great example, which is using omnichannel marketing tactics well. All the platforms from websites, mobile applications, Amazon Alexa devices, and in-shops are integrated and synced together, which helps the customers to access the same account and information seamlessly. Hence omnichannel marketing can take your business to new heights if it is in the right hands.

Influencer Advertising & Promotion

Influencer marketing refers to special mentions and affirmation of a product or service from influencers with a decent number of followers in their content like videos, blogs, or posts. Initially, social media marketing was limited to actors and prominent celebrities. But currently, the digital platforms have seen the rise of great influencers taking on the market, especially on YouTube and Instagram.

The best part about influencer marketing is you don’t have to wait for your posts and articles to go viral. Instead, asking the influencers who can create more impact. It is because of the trust the social influencers have built within their fans.

For example, MamaEarth collaborates with well-known YouTubers, Instagram influencers, and famous social media figures to promote their toxin-free products. And guess what? This helped them to take their scale 6.5X to around 110 crores in the financial year 2020.

Proximity Marketing

Proximity marketing refers to knocking your consumers with personified promotional notifications at the right place and at the right time. There are different Proximity marketing techniques, including beacons, QR codes, wifi hotspots, and more.

Beacon devices generally target audiences when they come in their radius and send promotional notifications based on their locations. You can also set up QR codes at different places, and when they scan the QR codes, you’ll know the exact locations and send promotional messages. Furthermore, you can offer free wifi hotspots and send your promotional content directly through their web browsers.

Remember, too much promotional content can be annoying to some customers and can have opposing sides. Hence, try to keep your ads minimal and to the point.

Giveaway free Stickers & T-Shirts

Giving away free T-Shirts and stickers to your customers may sound silly, but it has a great impact on your business. It can quickly help you to make your brand awareness within a large number of people. You can give stickers and T-Shirts to your customers or other people and ask them to stick the stickers where many eyes can notice them.

For example, Reddit spent only $500 on stickers, placed them at different public places and gave them to strangers in the name of marketing. And, this is how Reddit used this unique technique and grew into a world-famous site today.

Run Competitions Or Lucky Draws

Marketing tactics are all about keeping your customers engaged with your business. On that note, contests and a lucky draw are the easiest ways to encourage your customers to do the same quickly. You can easily host such contests and ask your customers to post interesting content related to your product. You can also ask them to tag you in their posts, run your specific hashtags, reward the winners with special gifts or discount coupons, etc.

These contests also help you get interesting user-made stuff that you can use on your other channels or for advertisement purposes.


People spend a lot of money on advertising to acquire and connect more and more customers. Though they spend for the customers, the amount never targets the audience directly. So, what if you directly spend the amount on the audience in the form of giveaways? Giveaways are surprise gifts or even money that is offered to lucky customers. The lucky customers can be the winners of any contest or lottery, or you can offer a gift after shopping for a certain amount of money. Or, you can even offer a gift with every product. This can also help you gather a lot of customers.

Referral Programs

Referral Programs are the only tactics where you can ask your customers to promote you. People indeed believe in their family and friends much more than the advertising companies. And that’s the point where referral programs come in. Here, the companies’ existing customers refer the company’s name or products to their family and friends and get rewarded for that. The referral programs seem similar to the giveaway tactics, but they can have a similar or even more impact on your business.

Paypal used this tactic and got great results. Paypal offered $10 to their customers for adding more users. It seemed a bit expensive before, but later on, it helped them get a 7-10% daily growth and took the user base to over 100 million consumers.

Press Releases

Doing press releases is another tactic that can easily spark your traffic. Every second person watches the news on mobiles. In such instances, doing special press releases can be very profitable.

You can easily promote your brand, product, new arrivals or special offers through these publications. Or can even announce the names of the lucky winners of the giveaway or photo contest discussed above. This can even encourage your customers to stay engaged with your business.

Final Words

No matter which marketing tactics you are following, none can promise you great results. You’ll always need to do proper research before executing any tactic. For example, you cannot pay any random Youtuber or Instagram influencer to promote your product. You’ll need to go through their niche if it’s related to your product, their follower base, etc.

Hence do proper research, focus on your content, focus on value than product, and choose the appropriate marketing tactics. If you do all of these well, you can lead your business to the next level. Furthermore, if you have any issues regarding the above points, do let us know in the comment section below.

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