Email Personalization: How To Use It For More Sales?

Email Personalization

Involvement of excellent, data-driven tactics bringing substantial ROI is what we get when doing email marketing strategically. But, how many times have you opened an email that only emphasized the brand rather than your pain points? Maybe it’s only been a few times, but those emails always fail to form a personal connection with users. Stats show that email personalization can boost customer engagement up to 74%.

Thus, you should build up strategies that directly hit your readers like a storm and make them believe that your product or service is made only to solve their issue.

How Does Email Personalization Help?

As per, 70% of brands are unsuccessful in personalizing emails, and emails that aren’t personalized can drive up to 52% of their customers away



Various big brands are personalizing their emails and serving their customers better. Apart from getting new customers, they have been successful in retaining them as well.

  • EasyJet made use of a personalized story.
  • Adidas segmented the list as per gender.
  • Sephora influenced VIP status.
  • Flight Centre segmented as per the customer data.
  • Nissan sent out maintenance milestones.

One can predict from these above brands as they aren’t scared of personalizing the emails. With their personalization strategies, they’re able to provide their customer with accurate information. Seeking inspiration from these brands, you can also experience improved open rates and conversions.

Tips On How To Do & Succeed In Email Personalization

  1. Listen to your Audience First: Use an Email survey to gauge the users’ opinions. Please keep it simple and quick so that it takes 2 minutes for your user to share what they exactly want. Don’t ask more than a dozen questions and wherever possible, try to use a multiple-choice format. Opting this, you’ll find it easy to keep track of. To prompt your customer to open each Email, offer them a discount coupon for their next purchase.

  2. Content to your Reader’s Preferences: This point is about the above. Try to sweep your content according to seasonal events and ongoing trends. Make use of festival seasons and roll out an email making your customers take action straight away.

  3. Email Personalization in a Personal Way: Build an emotional connection like a friend in need is a friend indeed. Pique your audience’s interest and provide emotional support with your content. You don’t need to follow a formal sales tone and can pitch casually too. Mimicking in a relaxed style will help you increase your engagement rate. But, make sure to offer your audience a solution to their problem with personalization.

  4. Offer an Experience: People in the era of personalization crave experiences. By telling a story offer, you can explain the unfolding of a proposal that will bring the ultimate benefit to your life after purchase. By offering an experience, you can get exclusive buyers.

  5. Chunk your Email List: Break your large databases into smaller segments according to similar characteristics and interests. Try targeting according to the demographics. In this way, you’ll be able to showcase your care for them.

Some Email Personalization Advanced Techniques


  1. Personalized Subject Lines: Subject lines in email marketing have tremendous importance. And, the subject lines in emails differ to each other from one industry to another. With the help of Drip, you can do a/b testing for your subject lines and see which style worked best for your audience. If the subject line is compelling enough, then the open rates and conversion rates are in your favour.

  2. Track Cart Abandoners: Shoot an email to those customers who had added the products to the shopping cart. Send an invitation of returning to their cart by including the product photos and merely showing the total price. To motivate them to make a Hurry Up purchase, offer a discount limited to time.

  3. Recommend Products As Per Their Taste: Make use of your customers’ browsing history and offer them products similar to their choice. With this tactic, you’ll be on the right track taking your customer to a product purchase. You can also cross-sell useful items or offer a modernized version.

  4. Celebrate your customers’ success: If offering any service, say, a web design course or a language course by availing your services, celebrate their achievement by sending them an Email depicting you care for them.

  5. The urgency with Times & Dates: Many available tools make it easy to add times and dates into your emails. Showing speed to your customer can make your engagement go up, as no one loves missing out on a fantastic offer. To manage your reminders to send urgent emails, you can use Zoho. As it makes your job easy to remember, you need to send an email at a particular time.

FUGI in Email Personalization

As said earlier, sales and marketing go hand-in-hand; it is essential to guide selling opportunities. For that purpose, there is a FUGI in sales, and it is significant to remember the “I” in it.


Fear of Loss – Our mind doesn’t like bearing losses. A sales statement framed with more emphasis on losing a product without again is powerful. For instance, saying “Our maximum of customers is earning $500 per month” isn’t as convincing as the “Don’t lose up to the extra $500 per month earned by our average customer”. Comparing these two options, the first one says, “You might earn an extra $500 per month with us”, whereas the second says, “by availing this offer, you’ll have an extra $500 per month”.

Urgency – We value those that have high chances of getting missed in a restricted period.

Greed – People want to acquire a lot for a small amount.

Indifference – If they are not willing to claim your offer, no worries, act indifferent about it.

What Not To Do?

Many email marketers violate the importance of “I” in their personalization. And, that is the moment when credibility is killed.


Why Should You Not Do This?

Suppose you’re selling something valuable; no requirement to beg in front of the customers’ purchase. Whatever is beneficial to your customers, they will purchase it. Sending follow-up emails is all right, but killing the credibility by sending them again won’t help you out.

For successful personalization, follow this quick and short checklist:

  • Make sure you’ve added the first name in the greeting and subject line
  • Addition of information specific to a region
  • Relevant content to help your prospect lead’s lifecycle stage
  • Send an Email with a personal signature (not your company)
  • Compelling and accurate call-to-action to an offer prompting the reader to make a final call


Since it would be reasonably straightforward to add value to their buying experience, email personalization is an established route to provide implausible targeted and appropriate information to your potential customers. Increased ROI and revenue for your business are what is required.

Whenever crafting an email, always make sure your personalized Email gathers as many subscribers as possible. Also, always remember customer data is as valuable as currency.

Whenever customers reveal their data, they expect the data to be safe and not misused. They like only the relevant emails. Using all the necessary elements in the personalization strategy such as Copy, Offers, Product Recommendations, Images, and many others, always remember to track how useful the emails are.

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