Email Marketing For Hotels A Comprehensive Guide

With the pandemic restrictions beginning to relax, now is an excellent time for hotels to skillfully market their services and increase revenue. Over the last few years, tourism has been substantially affected by COVID-19 guidelines; however, with a professional approach toward promotion – your ROI can be elevated!

With 4 billion people relying on emails for communication, it is essential to recognize the effectiveness of email marketing when targeting customers. By streamlining a successful process, subscribers can conveniently book their next journey but be inspired by every interaction!

Therefore, optimizing your emails should remain at the top of your priority list as this could drastically increase conversion rates from sales.

Unlock the many advantages of email marketing for hotels! Explore this extensive guide to discover how you can succeed.

Table Of Contents:

1. What is email marketing for hotels?

2. Why email marketing is essential for hotels

3. Types of email marketing for hoteliers

4. 6 steps process for building email marketing for hotel campaigns

5. Final thoughts

Let’s begin:

What Is Email Marketing For Hotels?

It’s nothing but that the Hotels are leveraging the power of email marketing to build relationships with their customers and increase awareness about services. Effective email communication allows hotels to access a potent tool for boosting business growth!

Why Is Email Marketing Important For Hotels?

Here are the top 3 benefits of email marketing for hotels:

  1. Brand Awareness – Reaching a wider audience

As the statement suggests, hotels can use this to expand their reach and target potential customers through email campaigns. Moreover, it helps elevate their brand visibility among a broader audience.

2. Customer Engagement – Staying in touch with guests

This marketing technique for hotels is a must to ensure that your existing customers remain engaged. Keeping them informed about special offers and discounts increases customer loyalty and fosters trust in the brand.

3. Promoting Deals & Discounts – Increasing ROI

Keeping customers engaged will boost your Return On Investment (ROI). By creating attractive email campaigns, hoteliers can quickly increase sales by offering deals or discounts and drawing attention from potential customers.

Types Of Email Marketing For Hoteliers

Hotels have access to a variety of email strategies that are designed to fit specific needs. Here are some of the most popular types of email marketing for hotels:

Promotion & Special Email

These emails showcase the various products and services we offer and attractive discounts and promotions. This could include a seasonal promotion for travelers looking for an inspirational staycation, a workcation package, or even exclusive offers on our luxurious suites.

Pre-Arrival Email

Prepare your hotel guests for the ultimate stay with pre-arrival emails! Not only do they build excitement and anticipation, but they also provide helpful details such as check-in times and amenities.

Increase revenue opportunities by inviting customers to request an upgrade or reserve tables in the restaurant before arrival. Plus, allow them to order extras, including tours or activities, so that you can maximize potential profits from each visit.

Post-Stay Email

Your post-stay email should express gratitude to your customers and offer a means of providing feedback on their stay.

This could be in the form of a survey with inquiries about satisfaction and general impressions. Doing this gives you an understanding of how to advance while also showing appreciation for customer loyalty.

These emails are sent to guests after they complete their stay to encourage them to book straightaway once more! For instance, hotels can provide special discounts or perks if guests book directly instead of doing so through online travel agencies (OTAs).

Hotel Feedback Email

This type of email encourages guests to leave reviews of their stay on popular websites such as TripAdvisor and Google. This could range from a simple email with a link to the review page or a longer email with an embedded survey.

Abandoned Booking Email

After a customer has left your website, this email should be sent to remind them of their interest in your property and urge them to finish their reservation. Whether they have almost completed the bookings or were browsing around, you must persuade them to complete the process so that you don’t miss potential deals.

These are just a few email strategies hoteliers can use to promote and grow their businesses. To maximize email effectiveness, hotels should develop a well-rounded email strategy based on their business objectives and the types of email campaigns they want to use.

6-Step Process For Building Email Marketing For Hotel Campaigns

Here’s what you need to do to ensure email campaigns are tailored to your hotel’s needs:

Create Email Goals

Determine what you want to achieve with email campaigns; here are six goals you can achieve, such as:

  • Building customer loyalty,
  • Increase email subscribers,
  • Promote services/products,
  • Acquire new customers,
  • Drive revenue and build brand awareness, etc.

Remember, this should be tailored to your business objectives.

Identify Your Target Audience

You must understand who receives the message and what content they would find interesting.

Does this particular message apply to all in your database, or are there specific groups, such as residents, business travelers, loyalty program members, etc., that should be targeted? The more tailored your messaging is toward its intended audience, the greater the rewards will be!

Create An Eye Catchy Email Design

Design email campaigns according to the email goal and target audience. Here are certain things that you can do in your email marketing campaign, such as:

  • Create a short, eye catchy subject line (Not sales-y)
  • Include images and videos
  • Use a clear call to action (Buy now, book,
  • Add your contact details, etc.

Conduct A/B Testing

Uncovering the perfect email content to captivate your readers is easy with A/B testing. This tool helps you refine and optimize your message by allowing you to test different versions of email design, copy, and subject lines before sending them out!


Once your email design and content are finalized, you can send out campaigns with the help of several third-party services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, or Campaign Monitor. Hit that ‘send’ button! Before sending it off to all your subscribers, double-check every link and detail once more in order to guarantee perfection.

Measure Email Results

It’s essential to track and measure their performance using metrics like open rate, click-through rate (CTR), unsubscribe rate, bounce rate, and conversion rates. Doing so will give you a comprehensive understanding of your campaign’s success in reaching its target audience.


Q. How Often Should I Send Email Campaigns?

A. It depends on your email goals and target audience. You should experiment with different email cadences to get the best results.

Q. Should I Include An Email Signup Form On My Website?

A. Yes! Email sign-up forms are a great way to capture the email addresses of potential customers who visit your website.

Final Thoughts

As you now recognize the power of email marketing for hotels, you can begin to develop your hotel business and exponentially increase your ROI. However, email marketing for hotels doesn’t come without its challenges.

For any inquiries regarding email marketing or the subject, please leave your questions in the comment section below. We would be overjoyed to respond and provide assistance!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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