Moz Domain Authority is Not As Accurate As It Looks

There are many metrics you must have heard about like Ahrefs Domain Rating, Alexa Domain Ranking, etc. One of the most popular metrics among all is Moz Domain Authority and Page Authority. Most marketers believe that DA & PA by Moz is the most accurate metrics that can determine the capability of a domain to rank in SERP.

But is it really that much accurate?

While analysing the factors how DA works, I saw that by having same number and standard of links in a website it still often fails to get improvement in DA like other website. Even after having the content density in the website same as the other. There is still almost no meaningful reasons for one website to rank while other to not.

4 Reasons Why Domain Authority is Not An Accurate SEO Metrics

Here are the 4 reasons why Domain Authority doesn’t look like the most accurate SEO metrics.

1. Domain Authority Score of The Sub-Domain is Not Equal To Domain

According to Moz, the domain authority remains same for a website and its subdomains.

DA of

Domain Authority of

How can this difference be explained?

The same thing is with another websites too, which creates doubt on the accuracy of Domain Authority metrics. Even if you consider that domain and sub-domain both have different ranking capabilities, then how other websites gets the same DA for their sub-domains just by building links for the main domain.

2. Link Quality Has No Accountability

If you have backlinks from many high DA website, and if someone else having backlink from the lower DA website, then the first website should rank?

However, this isn’t true. Many times the second case wins. There is no argument that defines the reason for the same. Even if we take spam score in consideration, still the difference shouldn’t be as high as it exist. You can check many websites that ranks easily on rich keywords even after having domain authority as low as 40, above websites of DA more 50 or 60.

So, in the war of relevance vs domain authority, relevance always win.

3. It Sometimes Decreases For No Reason

Yes, there are many evidences of the domain authority of websites decreased for no reason. Although Moz claims, it happens when a website losses backlink or if the crawler detects that the links were promotional.

However, if this is true then it contradicts the fact that the domain authority is logarithm based scoring, so, it should be hard to score up and SCORE DOWN as well or at least it should take same amount of efforts in both cases. Moreover, in many cases it has been seen that the DA was decreased even when the quality backlink counts increased.

4. Spam Score is A Spam

Websites like Google Analytics and Yahoo has spam score, but websites that are using duplicate content doesn’t have any spam score. It questions the existence of this metrics, and also, its credibility.

It is believed that the Spam Score depends on the quality of your backlinks. Means, if you get backlink from a spammed website, the Moz will notice it and shows a change increase in your website’s Spam Score accordingly. However, it seems like the network itself is not accurate. The reason is, it implies that if you are linking to a good website like Google Analytics and Yahoo, or you are getting links from there, then your Spam Score will be effected as those websites have high spam scores. So, if you are getting backlink from such premium website such as Google Analytics or Yahoo, you may get spam score, like really ?!

Also, there are many evidence that websites are having no effect of getting backlinks from many high Spam Website. And in other case, websites got spam score just by linking to a few spammy websites.


I don’t think that just targeting Domain Authority should be your first priority in SEO. You can use Domain Authority for analysis purpose but with remembering the fact that, it is not necessary that the scores explain everything.

I believe Alexa Ranking & Ahref Domain Rating are better metrics than Moz’s domain authority. They seem more accurate and practical. And more than anything, I believe that the success of your SEO is more traffic, which can be earned with relevant content on the website and relevant backlinks to the website.

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