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Have you ever had to turn down a sale because there just weren’t enough customers in your store? That is a real problem that a lot of businesses face. They have great products, but there isn’t the foot traffic to sell them.

Many people on the internet use the advice “get more foot traffic,” and it’s easy to see why. More foot traffic means more sales. More sales mean more money, but what is foot traffic? What is it made up of? How can you increase it? This blog will answer all of your questions!

What Is Foot traffic?

Just like website traffic, foot traffic is the number of visitors at your offline store within a given time. Knowing your foot traffic can easily give you an idea about how good your marketing tactics are, your sales, your co-workers, their behaviours with customers, etc.

How To Increase Foot Traffic?

The most obvious way of getting new customers is to bring them in through the door. So, offline businesses rely on foot traffic mostly to generate sales if they haven’t digitalized their business yet. Hence, here we are going to look at the best ways to increase foot traffic real quick.

1. Well Maintained Storefront

Your Storefront is the first thing a customer comes across. Whether the customer will step into your store or not – everything depends on your Storefront. No customers will like to enter a store with dirty windows and peeling paints. Hence, maintaining your Storefront always becomes important.

Step out of your store. Find out what should be the changes that would encourage you, as a customer, to get in the store. Renovate your Storefront if it needs to. Or, consider displaying the best products of your store. Study what your audience is exactly looking for and display posters or items accordingly. This will help people know what your shop is all about and encourage them to visit your store.

2. Eye-catching Signages

Your first impression depends on your store’s signage. Professional signage will always create a good image of yours in front of your customers.

The exterior signage displays the brand and should be appropriately hung above the entrance or the windows, easily visible to the people walking on the street. You can even highlight the best products, locations, or promotions in signages.

Now that the customers are in, the in-store signages come into play. This works the same as CTAs do to a website. These help and encourage people to buy a product. You can display the latest products, special discounts, anything which can encourage the customer to make a purchase.

3. Sandwich Boards

Sandwich boards are one of the most cost-effective ways to drive more foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar retail. They can make people stop and read what’s written on the board. You can show your creativity, write random quotes, promote any products, show special discounts, and much more.

The best part about sandwich boards is that they are very cheap and readily available. Just show your creativity on the board, keep it outside your shop and wait for the magic it does.

4. Get Listed On Google My Business

In today’s generation, be it a salon or a mobile repair shop – everything starts with a ‘near me’ search. People look for the nearest shops available and contact the business from the details available. In such instances, listing your business on Google My Business becomes essential.

Doing so will show up your business’s name whenever someone searches for something related to your business. It includes your shop’s name, address, contact details, and photos(if added). Hence, it can help many people discover your business and help drive more foot traffic to your business.

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5. Make Your Staff Looks Energetic

Your relationship with your customers depends upon your staff’s behaviour. Especially when you have a glass entrance or window that allows the users to look into your shop. If your team looks bored, it can change the customers’ minds, who were just about to step in.

Hence, help your staff to stay energetic and happy. Don’t burden too much work on a single member. Instead, distribute different tasks to different members. Do everything to make your employees enjoy the work and stay motivated. Having a healthy atmosphere will always attract customers and even encourage them to make purchases.

6. Host Events & Contests

Hosting events and contests can encourage a lot of people to come and visit your business. Events help customers have exciting experiences, as they get to interact with their favourite brands. It can be a launch event of some new product, where you can invite famous influencers to promote your brand.

You can even host some lucky draws or competitions where the winner can get some special discounts or gifts. These events and contests always help build your business’s loyalty and encourage more and more people to visit your store.

7. Invest In Your New Staff Members

Yes, you might have the best products with the prettiest shop, but poor customer service can stop your business from making profits.

The new employees sometimes face difficulties while speaking to customers with confidence. Hence, it always becomes essential to invest and train your employees. You can hire professionals to train your staff members with the best communication skills.

Training your staff members with the best communication skills will help them handle different types of customers and encourage them to make purchases.

8. Promote Your Business On Social Media

“We get to live in a time where we get to use social media as a tool.”

Gigi Hadid

Social media is the most powerful marketing tool to promote your business. You can open Facebook and Instagram pages that post stuff related to your business. You can even showcase your best products or services on your page and encourage people to visit your retail store. Connect with your customers on social media platforms so that they know if there’s a new product, or some event, or contest they can be a part of.

You can even ask for feedback from the customers and raise polls relating to some product or service you offer. Do anything to keep interacting with your customers so that your name strikes first in their minds whenever a discussion related to your product or service comes up.

9. Implement Email Marketing

Email Marketing is another marketing tactic to promote your business. Implementing email marketing with personalization can help you keep your customers up to date regarding your business. Be it an upcoming event at your shop, some new arrivals, special discounts — you need to drop an email, and that’s it.

10. Satisfy Your Customers

Besides every marketing tactic, no other tactic is as helpful as satisfying your customers. If you successfully satisfy your customers, they will again visit your business and prefer your name to their family and friends to see your business.

Always keep interacting with your customers and provide them with the best quality products and services at reasonable rates. Provide your customers with the correct value and make them feel special. This will always help your business reach new heights.


So, here were the best tips to increase the foot traffic to your offline store. But, repetition is the key for every aspect. You cannot just implement any marketing tactic once and expect great sales for the rest of your life. Hence, you’ll always need to keep upgrading your tactics and provide your customers with the best experience and the correct value they are looking for.

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